Danny Leary

Utah · (801) 901-8470 · me@dannyleary.com

As it relates to design and all things web, the Sidekick is the role I would use to best describe myself and the value I bring to the companies I partner with. I carry in my utility belt of gadgets things such as Mobile Responsive Design, User Experience Design (UI / UX), SaaS-based Ecommerce products like BigCommerce, and Content Management Systems like Wordpress and Joomla. (Not to mention, of course, the usual skills referred to by those cryptic acronyms such as CSS, HTML, JS, etc.) The goal? Not just to build a website. Throwing content on a page with pretty pictures and making it available to the world isn't going to do much good. My goal is to help you figure out how best to write, organize, and present your content in such a way that your visitors are moved to DO something; be it call, subscribe, visit, or even buy. I prefer to partner with businesses and individuals that appreciate the need for more than just someone to build them a website. I prefer to team up with only 'Hero'​ businesses who know the value of a good Sidekick. Especially one who'll do all the hard work and let them take the glory :) If you're curious about me or just have a question about what you're doing wrong with your website or how to really unleash it as your next super gadget, hit me up on LinkedIn or contact me via email.


Web & Front-End User-Experience Designer


Understand your story, users, and goals. Craft a user-centric web design that communicates who you are and is enjoyable for your users to interact with. Make the experience live on all screen sizes, short, wide, narrow, & tall.

January 2010 - Present

UX & Ecommerce Designer

Treasure Mountain Metal Detectors

Join together the design principles of UX/UI design with the requirements of the marketing team in order to increase conversions and visitor retention. It includes technical and design management of both the online ecommerce store based on the BigCommerce platform and an adjoining blog created with the Joomla CMS. In addtion, provide assistance with other aspects including domains, emails, product databases, hosting, email marketing, HTML, CSS, advertisements, and meta information.

November 2012 - Present

A Host of Other Experiences


Don't want to bore you with all the details. But suffice it to say, it's helped me become who I am today.

August 1999 - Present


Varied Courses & Seminars

Web Development and User Experience
HTML5 Responsive Presentations. Pitching Products and Projects to Executives. Improving SEO Through Accessibility Techniques. The Science of Superior Customer Service. Zero Harm Communication Training. Etc.
Never Stops

Riverside ROP Program

Business Computers
All around good edumacation in computers and intro macro programming.

Does anyone still know what DOS is?

1998 - 1999

Of Course, High School

Redwood High School & Gordon Keifer Independant Study
Got my official diploma.

Overall pretty steller student.

1995 - 1999

Public Speaking & Teaching Course

Volunteer Program

This is an ongoing volunteer program designed to help make progress in public speaking & one-on-one teaching, consulting, & tutoring abilities.

1995 - Present


Programming Languages & Tools
  • Understand Your Story, Users, & Goals
  • User Experience Driven
  • Mobile Responsive Design
  • Cross Browser Testing & Debugging


Apart from being a web and user-experience, front-end designer, I enjoy spending my time being outdoors. I enjoy mountain biking, hiking, running, and volunteering. When forced indoors, I like to read, playing guitar, and enjoy a number of different sci-fi and other television shows.